Fawlty Tales

Mount Lofty House

John Cleese's Basil Fawlty remains one of televisions icons of ineptitude, a gangly maniac adept only at gate-crashing his own party. In director Allen Lyne's excellent piece of cloning the Fawlty Towers format is taken a step further, and allowed to fulfil its very real potential as a piece of interactive theatre.

Fawlty Fridays (aka Fawlty Saturdays, Tuesdays, Weddings, Barmitzvahs according to public demand) is a genuinely movable feast, and on Friday night it was elegant Mount Lofty House's turn to submit to the excesses of Basil, Sybil and the feckless Manuel. The script is -- and has to be -- original, and, yes, there is a plot of sorts, but giving it away would be spoiling the fun. But the coup de foudre is the active and unavoidable participation of the audience. Furthermore, it says much for the actors that the spectators need no coercing to join in; voluntary masochism is the order of the day.

Mount Lofty House's classy cuisine and more than a hint of Basil made for a Fawltless Friday.

David Scheel. The Advertiser.


Bearly Together Co.
Colonial Function Centre, 10 Mt. Barker Rd, Glen Osmond
Review by Sue… Online Reviews

All fans of Fawlty Towers will appreciate the talented cast of the Bearly Together Company (Nigel Dey, Sandra Lyne and Allen Lyne as Basil, Sybil and Manuel respectively) as they bring Basil's dining room to life in the lovely old Colonial Function Centre.

This is a performance piece from the moment you are met at the door by an agitated Manuel who hasn't finished the vacuuming yet, seated by a charmingly officious Sybil and insulted by an intimidating Basil. The ice is immediately broken and you find yourself chatting away to the other people on your table like life-long friends.

It is supposed to be a medieval theme night, but the local Plumbers Mummers group are a no-show. Nevertheless, Sybil wants a mummers play and what she wants she gets. The cast manage to get a surprising level of enthusiastic participation from the audience in this freeflowing piece of theatre restaurant entertainment. Their improvisation skills are commendable and many well-loved moments from the Fawlty Towers series are revisited.

The food and service is excellent and the environment is very pleasant with lots of nice touches. There are spaces for conversation and relaxed eating that sometimes felt a little long in this instance but would be very suitable for other occasions such as corporate dinners.

Bearly Together's Fawlty Towers shows and Murder Mysteries are available all year round.