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Des Crompton is an ex-sailor with a chip on his shoulder. Orphaned as a young child, he grew up in institutions and foster homes where he learned to fight to protect himself.
Violence is a way of life for Des until he leaves the navy and meets Molly, the owner of the sole pub in Browns Creek in Northeast Tasmania. Molly was exposed to violence as a child and is totally opposed to it.
This unlikely pair is mutually attracted and fall in love. Can Des put aside his typical Australian male pride and gel with Molly?
The bulk of the book is set in Northeast Tasmania amidst the battle to save the ancient rainforest from the depredations of wood chippers.
Des’s early life and experiences in the Vietnam War have left him with a dose of post-traumatic-stress disorder.
When Molly goes missing, Des sets out to find her. Is she dead or alive? He must battle the unforgiving Tasmanian wilderness and his inner demons as he pursues his quest.


The Stories of all Ships Lost by the Royal Australian Navy

The Australian navy has lost 45 ships in just over a century.  Most of these have been lost in wartime, with a few lost to accidents in peacetime.  Lost looks at the history of each ship and follows the path until the final moments of each vessel.  Lost fills a void in the history of the RAN as it is the first time an author has written the history of each of the ships the RAN has lost.

This is no dry recitation of facts or dry historical references.  The author gets to grips with the nitty gritty of the strategic decisions that were made that placed our ships in harm's way and looks at the rightness or wrongness of these decisions.  But most of all, this is a celebration of our navy and of the men that sailed the ships we lost.

Lost is a book for all people interested in our navy and all that are interested in the military history of this country.  The history of the RAN is little known outside of a small circle of naval historians. The navy is the 'silent service'.  Compared to our army and air force, little is widely known about the senior service.

Lost is available now (305 pages & 17 photographs).

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"Tall Tales & True from the Boys in Blue"--a collection of stories from and about the men of the Royal Australian Navy. I served in the navy from 1960 to 1972 and paid off as a Petty Officer Underwater Control. These are some of my stories and some from my Brothers-In-Arms. Most of the stories are funny, told with that great good humour that sailors possess. A few are sad or a little more introspective. Whatever the genre, they all reflect the ethos of the navy--the mateship and the humour.This is a book that every ex-sailor will want to read. But so will a lot of civilians who wondered what it was like out there on the wide blue sea with the sailors of the Australian navy.

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Jeffrey Case is a taxi driver who wants to play Hamlet.

He does! Once!

Jeffrey is called in as understudy at two hours' notice and gives the most execrable performance of Hamlet in the history of theatre. Shadowy figures observe the performance. There are consequences.

In a high-rise apartment building a number of people reside. All of them are costumed as characters in Shakespeare's plays. The man living in the penthouse looks and dresses like Shakespeare. Strange chants and imprecations come from a windowless room on the second floor. Mysterious ice cream vans arrive and depart this location.

Jeffrey Case stumbles into a nightmare world of drugs, sex, magic and Shakespeare as he tries to unravel the mystery of the severed head and the two-hundred thousand dollars mysteriously left in his taxi by the beautiful redhead in the silky green dress.

Is Shakespeare really alive? Who are the mysterious characters? Who is running the drugs' racket in Jeffrey's hometown of Sun City?

Will Jeffrey ever get laid? Will he ever get to bed? 

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What happens when the meekest, mildest man on Earth is given a commission to tell humankind to extract its collective digit and reform or else the supreme-being will end it all?

How can one man--and a chronically self-effacing one at that--deliver this message? Will anyone believe him? Will the message cause violence and mayhem?
While Jonathan Goodfellow goes about the task of trying to convince people that he really has the message for them, the lawyers of the world unite to take over World Government.
The clash between Jonathan and his disciples leads to the last great confrontation between good and evil on Earth. It is Lawyers against Pensioners.
A Handicap for the Devil? is a must read for all people who believe in God and all those who don't, lawyers will love it, as will all people who don't like lawyers, golfers, people who don't like golf, pensioners, non-pensioners, politicians and people who don't like politicians.  In fact, everyone will love this book.

My writing has been compared to a cross between Douglas Adams and Spike Milligan.

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This is a useful book for beginning playwrights, or for older writers who want to brush up on the craft.

The book contains useful tips about writing, and also about working in the theatre.  There are several writing exercises in the book that have step-by-step instructions about different methods of writing plays.  The book also teaches ways to evaluate your own work and that of others and examines many of the pitfalls for new writers.

The lessons in this book should prove to be of use for writers in any genre, but have particular applications for those wishing to develop as writers of plays.

The book is also a good-humoured look at one writer's journey from novice to professional.

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Vale Thumper, 2006, most beautiful of bunnies

Allen Lyne lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife, Sandra.
He has had jobs as varied as truck driver, Royal Australian Navy seaman, grape picker, as well as actor, writer and director for theatre, film, radio and TV and lecturer in Drama at Adelaide University.
Allen is the author of 39 plays that have been produced in various parts of the world. Most of his plays have been written on commission or while he was part of a theatre company.
His children's stories have been produced on Network Ten's television program Mulligrubs in Australia and other countries.
Allen and Sandra currently own The Bearly Together Company, a comedy dinner-theatre company that tours Australia. Bearly Together also produces original children's shows.
Allen believes that laughter is essential for health.